Francisco T. Arquer (in English)

RÉSUMÉ – Detailed

Francisco T. Arquer (in English)

Driver’s Licence – Car and Motorcycle (Europe – AM, A1, A2, A – B1, B, BE )
Citizenships:  brazilian and spanish
ID – Publication of announcements about politics and issues of national importance in the USA

Formación académica

2019 – Desarrollo de Aplicaciones con Tecnología Web  (Web Programming)
HTML5 – Java – CSS3 – JQuery – C# – Linq – ASP – MVC

Professional Bachelor’s degree ( baccalaureate) Minor

Tajamar Alcalá de Henares – Madrid – Spain

2017-2021. Pedagogy. (in effect)

Bachelor’s degree ( baccalaureate) Major

Virtual University of São Paulo. UAB- Brasil Open University

 2019 – (in effect)
2008 – 2010. GEPETE UFPR. Student Group – Teacher, School an Educational Technologies.Paraná Federal University. Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2019.  Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)

Issued By  Scrum Alliance® at Leysin American School in Switzerland

Certified Badge in

 2007 – 2008. MBA (Master in Business Administration)  in Communication Strategies

Postgraduate studies in  Tuiuti University of Paraná – Curitiba-PR. Brasil.

Certificate registered – Hague Apostille

2003 – 2007. Social Communication – Journalism

Bachelor’s degree ( baccalaureate) Major

Midwest State University  – UNICENTRO – Guarapuava-PR. Brasil
Journalist Register: DRT-PR 7086

Certificate registered – Hague Apostille

2001 – 2006. Portuguese Grammar an Literature  – licentiate degree

Bachelor’s degree ( baccalaureate) Major

Midwest State University  – UNICENTRO – Guarapuava-PR. Brasil

Certificate registered – Hague Apostille

Professional Experiences

2019. Prácticas Desarrollo –  Bunker Seguridad Elect. S.L. – Madrid. España.

– Branding in RexByBunker’s advertises;
– Programming using php, css3, html5 and WordPress (WooCommerce and plugins).

2018.  Teacher

 São José dos Campos City Hall – São Paulo. Brasil.

Primary Education (Early Years and Foundation Stage – Key stages 1 and 2), Secondary School . (key Stages 3 and 4)

2014 – 2018 . Web Hosting  CP

 Dreamhost – A-Host

The A-Host is a company which host and stores data. It is linked to the Dreamhost. It’s the apple of my eye, it is my weekend hobby.

I am responsible to host and development many websites. I use WordPress, FTP,  CDR (Corel Draw), CSS, HTML, etc I do the company’s book keeping and  the client support.

 2015-2017. Teacher / Lecturer

CIEE-PR. Company-School Integration Center – Brasil

Professional coaching in Business Models, Business Ethics, Portuguese New Orthography,  Communication, , Rhetoric, Digital Marketing, Personal Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Leadership, Innovation, Speak in Public, Professional and Personal Life Project, Social Responsibility, Companies in the Information Age.

2015 – 2017. Teacher / Lecturer

CIEE-PR. Company-School Integration Center – Brasil

Coaching teenagers-professional students in Marketing, Portuguese Language, Communication, Innovation and Customer Relationship Management.Training in Administration  – professional qualification, commerce,  teleservices, industrial and salesmanship.

 2015-2016. CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Teacher

Curso Passo a Passo – Training and Courses. Curitiba-PR. Brasil

Beyond a company that does a pastry with delicious fillings (business with a foodtruck) , I had others like a personalized t-shirts and a photography studio. However, I want to spotlight the creation and the management of the Curso Passo a Passo – ENEM Preparation (like a GCSE in Brazil).

I did the fund-raising, I looked for students, event organization, teachers’ administration, graphic art, book keeping, etc. I also taught Portuguese Grammar and  how to write an essay. This company was a very important experience to me.

 2007-2014. Teacher / Lecturer

Elo – Social an Environmental Support –  Curitiba-PR. Brasil.

Teaching Business Communication, Marketing, Portuguese, Basic English, Research Methodology, Poetry and The Constitution of a Business.Training in Administration  and Commerce.

2007-2018. Information and Communication Management. Titled Counselor.

Elo – Social an Environmental Support –  Curitiba-PR. Brasil.

After being volunteer for more than one year, I was hired to the Communication Sector.  It was a very important job to my development. I did the branding and I also coordinated the marketing strategies that expanded in 800% the amount of students.  Working together with excellent professionals, we rise in 700% the number os active customers (large and medium-sized enterprises)

Co-responsible for the institutional adaptation to the Law 10097/00 (Brazilian Labor Law to young workers). I had the honor to be a Titled Counselor until 2018.

2013 – 2015. CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Photographer 

 Chandelier Fotografia

I did the photographic coverage in marriages, birthday parties, music concerts, a theater plays, smash the cake and artistic performances.

I also managed the relationships with the customers, the graphic art, photo albums, banners, etc.

+ See some pictures and essays!

 2008 – 2013 – Executive Secretary –  Information and Communication-Technology Advisor.

REPARTE – Technology an Innovation Paraná Network – Brasil. 

Deparment of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

I was the network’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer). I produced and update documents, minutes, projects and I improved the relationships with the members. Besides that, I carry out the communication and the Reparte’s branding.

It was a scholarship by SETI – Science, Technology and Higher Education Secretary and the APPI Paraná Intellectual Property.


Native Speaker

Portuguese Language – Grammarian and Linguist.
(New Spelling Domain)

 I can hold a good conversation in English.

In the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, I consider myself as a B2 (Independent User). I don’t actually have an official proficiency certificate, but my English is a work in progress.

I can chat, converse and negociate in Spanish

In reality, I live in Madrid since 2019. I also consider myself as a B2 (Independent User) in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. I either don’t have an official proficiency certificate.


 Corel Draw and Corel Photo Paint.

+ Clicke here –> See some graphic arts, layouts, editorial designs, etc.

 Microsoft Word and Power Point

Intermediate Level: it’s possible to create and set up very interesting presentations . 

Adobe Premier Pro

Basic Level: I can edit a video, move some audios, set up some simple effects, render, export, etc.

WordPress and development

I can arrange and produce websites, databases, MySql, FTP, set up pluggins in WP, etc.

Set up Social Networks

(Facebook Ads, Google Adds, Adwords, Adsense etc)

   Windows Operating System

Setup, the maintenance of the machines, software instalation, drivers and network.

Important Volunteer Experiences




2019 – Voluntarios por Madrid

 I helped in La Elipa, with children with social problems background.

2013-2019. Instituto AMA – Social Assistance for Children with Cancer.

I had the honor to set up the communications strategies for years. Even today, far from Brazil, I keep structuring the website and working in their digital data. I really like the AMA Institute.

+ Website

 2014. Instituto Salesiano – Social Care

I made some work contributions at ISAS.  I had an exceptional opportunity to work hand in hand with an incredible team, we managed the marketing and arranged the institution library.

+ Photos of the library

2007 – 2018 – Elo Apoyo Social y Ambiental

Ya en la institución Elo Apoyo Social y Ambiental, por más de 10 años tuve la oportunidad de trabajar junto a los Proyetos Plantando el Futuro y Plantando la Esperanza, con jovenes que vivían en vulnerabilidad social: un trabajo que exigia un coración seguro, sin embargo era muy bonito.

+ Website

Si desea obtener más información:



2018 –  Jornada Pedagógica – A Escola dos Meus Sonhos – Instituto Paulo Freire –  São Paulo-SP. Brasil.
2018 – Mercado de Trabajo. Governo do Estado de São Paulo.  São Paulo-SP. Brasil.
2017 – Marketing e Motivacion. CIEE – São José dos Campos-SP.  Brasil
2016 – Empresas en la era de la información. (conferenciante)  Col. Est. Benedito João Cordeiro. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2015 – Internet y Modelos de Negocios(conferenciante). UTFPR – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2015 – LIBRAS – Língua Brasileira de Sinais – CIEE – Centro de Integração Empresa-Escola do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2014 – Conexión Digital – Sostenibilidad y Generación de Renta Aliadas a las Nuevas Tecnologías.  Microsoft do Brasil. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2013 – XIII Workshop INTEC – Gestión de Marcas. Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2013 – Enseñanza y uso de la Comunicación como inclusión Social. (conferenciante) UFPR – Universidade Federal do Paraná – Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2013 – Caminos para Invertir en Innovación en las MPEs (Micro y Pequeñas Empresas) paranaenses. Rede Paranaense de Tecnologia e Inovação. Curitiba-PR. Brasil
2012 – ANPROTEC – Incubadora de Empresas – Foz do Iguaçu – PR. Brasil
2012 – Cómo utilizar las redes sociales en los negocios innovadores – Foz do Iguaçu – PR. Brasil.
2012 – Ética Empresarial. ISAE – Instituto Superior de Administração e Economia. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2010 – Conferencia Internacional de Ciudades Innovadoras. Sistema FIEP. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2010 – Propiedad Intelectual. APPI – Agência Paranaense de Propriedade Industrial. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2010 – WordCamp WordPress. Faculdade de Educação Superior do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2010 – Educación, Tecnología y Encuentros. UFPR – Universidade Federal do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2009 – Educación y Tecnología. UFPR – Universidade Federal do Paraná. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2009 – Feria de Postgrado de las instituciones del Grupo Educacional UNINTER – Facinter, Fatec Internacional e IBPEX. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2008 – 2º Encuentro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Paraná.  SETI – Secretaria de Estado da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2008 – Formación y Actuación del Profesional de Periodismo(conferenciante) Elo Agência de Apoio Social e Ambiental. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2008 – Elaboración de Proyectos. TECPAR – Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná, Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2008 – Captación de Recursos. CENPEC – Centro de Estudo e Pesquisa em Educação Cultura e Ação Comunitária. Curitiba-PR. Brasil.
2006 – Club de Cine. Faculdades Campo Real. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2005 – Persuasion. (conferenciante)  XVII Seminário de Pesquisa. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2005 – CELLIP – Centro de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios de Paraná. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2005 – Entrenamiento de Teatro. Oficina Palco Giratório. SESC PARANÁ. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil
2005 – XVII Seminário de Pesquisa. XII Semana de Iniciação Científica. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil
2005 – 1º Psiu Training Comunication. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil
2005 – Enseñanza de las Letras: La Práctica en cuestión. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2004 – Ciclo de Palestras PET / Letras / Unicentro. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2004 – I Simpósio Celuni. Paz y Amor en la Literatura. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2004 – El Profesional de Letras en el Contexto Educativo Brasileño. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2003 – Montaje, Mantenimiento y Configuración de Microcomputadoras. Escola Técnica de Ensino Profissionalizante. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2003 – Enseñanza y formación de las letras: La práctica en cuestión. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2002 – Machado de Assis y su estructura temporal en Memorias Póstumas. Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste. Guarapuava-PR. Brasil.
2002 – XII Foro Académico de Letras. Universidade do Estado do Mato Grosso. Cáceres-MT. Brasil
2000 – Curso de Formación Audiovisual – Guión de Película y Dirección. Fundação Cassiano Ricardo. São José dos Campos-SP. Brasil.
2000 – La Producción Audiovisual Brasileña hacia el Siglo XXI. Fundação Cassiano Ricardo. São José dos Campos-SP